Welcome to the Rom-Com Rescue Podcast!  A brand new podcast from Couples Therapist, Dr. Isabelle Morley & Healthy Dating Educator, Kira Sabin, where we teach life lessons from your favorite rom-coms.

Our mission? To help you learn how to date & build healthy relationships using your favorite rom-coms as a learning tool.

Highlights from the Episode:


Meet the Podcast & Your Hosts
– Greetings from Isabelle and Kira as they launch into the quest to untangle the knot of love myths spun by rom-coms.

The Rom-Com Effect
– A deep dive into the lasting impact films like “Pretty Woman” have on our love lives and why it’s high time for a reality check.

Championing Real Relationship Goals
– A serious commitment from us to dish out guidance that’s as grounded as it gets, because true love isn’t a fairy tale.

Our Own Tales of Romance
– Opening up the vault to our personal rom-com-esque escapades, because learning from the past is the way to the future.

Kira’s Path to Relationship Realness
– A candid share from Kira about swapping storybook endings for the genuine article—and the role of therapy in getting there.

Love: The Director’s Cut vs. The Real Deal
– Why the unscripted version of love demands a mix of tough love, honest convo, and a whole lot of patience.

Deconstructing Romantic Tropes
– Prepared to pick apart rom-coms and rescue you from the tricky tropes that might just trip you up.

Updating the Love Lexicon
– Time to hit refresh on old-school gender roles as we invite you to join the conversation on what love looks like today.

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