Stalking, piss poor journalism, revenge porn, a town where boundaries don’t seem to exist, and five weddings. That’s right, today we are talking about 1999 rom-com classic, Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. 

Runaway Bride Walking Tour


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⏱️ Let’s Dig in!

0:00 Intros
1:28 Host Fun Facts!
7:05 What we are loving right now
16:15 First Impressions
29:02 Best Love Lessons
48:28 Worst Love Lessons
1:03:19 Deep Dive: Self-awareness & People Pleasing
1:16:48 Favorite Characters
1:20:05 Trivia
1:26:28 Positive Takeaways
1:30:19 Ending Rewrite
1:33:06 Would they last?
1:35:17 Our reviews
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