AOL dial up, corporate espionage, catfishing, shitty power dynamics, and bouquets of sharpened pencils. That’s right! This week we are talking about 1998 rom com You’ve Got Mail starring Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks.

In this episode of the Rom-Com Rescue Podcast, we delve into the nuances behind the 1998 classic ‘You’ve Got Mail.’

 They express their concerns over the film’s portrayal of relationships, particularly criticizing the toxic behavior of the male lead, Joe Fox, and the romanticization of deceit.

Despite the nostalgia associated with the film, they offer low love lesson ratings due to issues with manipulation and power dynamics.

Kira and Isabelle delve into the topic of emotional infidelity, bringing to light its complexity, possible causes, and how it is portrayed within the context of the movie.

They raise questions about the nature of relationships in the digital age and reflect on their own experiences with online communication.

The conversation also encompasses the broader implications of romantic gestures in relationships and the importance of building a life with intention and emotional maturity.

The hosts share personal anecdotes and emphasize the need for active participation in the dating process, as well as the potential harm in keeping options open in the early stages of a relationship.

Throughout the episode, Kira and Isabelle promote the value of honest, healthy love, and advise listeners to be critical of unrealistic romantic stories portrayed in media. 

Read the Transcript here.

⏱️ Let’s Dig in!

0:00 Intro
2:09 First Impressions
5:11 The problem with Joe.
11:29 Email, technology, & the beginning of online dating.
19:01 Best Love Lessons
25:58 Worst Love Lessons
33:40 Power Dynamics
41:45 Enemies to Lovers Trope
49:06 The Deep Dive – Emotional Infidelity
1:10:32 Hot Take!
1:11:59 Would they last?
1:18:10 Trivia
1:19:48 Our reviews
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