Calling all Polin And Bridgerton Fans! Bridgerton Week has kicked off on Rom-Com Rescue!  

We are dressing up in our best Bridgerton Dress  and to help us get this new podcast out there we are offering a Bridgerton Week Giveaway to win an amazing Bridgerton Gift Basket for even the biggest Bridgerton Fan.  Check it out here. 

All entries have to be in by May 24th, Midnight EST.

Watch for our next Bridgerton Breakdown on Episodes 3 & 4  coming out May 22nd.

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0:00 Intro
1:34 Bridgerton Basket Giveaway Announcement
8:01 First Impressions
20:01 Best Love Lessons
30:29 Worst Love Lessons
44:50 Favorite Moments & Quotes
48:18 Trivia
52:04 Positive Takeaways

⏱️ Let’s Dig in!

2:00.  Bridgerton Week Starts May 16th!
2:33.  Co-host Fun Facts!
10:05 First Impressions
18:12 Kira’s Questions
23:52 Best Love Lessons
37:50 Worst Love Lessons
52:45 Favorite Moments & Quotes
1:00:04 Favorite Characters
1:05:04 Soundtrack Standouts
1:06:00 Trivia
1:15:34 Would they last?
1:20:42 Our reviews
1:22:27 Final Takeaways
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