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we love rom-coms but they are liars .

Rom-Coms are WONDERFUL but relationship role models…they are not.

Turns out that love and relationships are way more complicated than can be told in a good 90 minute script, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great lessons to be learned and that is exactly what we are doing here on this podcast.  

Using our favorite classic & current rom-coms as a tool, we will point out healthy & not-so-healthy behaviors to apply to real life dating & relationship situations. Behaviors such as: boundaries, attachment styles, emotional unavailability,  power struggles, and more!

Because we believe that we create our own happily ever after.


Meet The HostS

Dr. Isabelle Morley

Well hello! I’m Dr. Isabelle Morley. I’m a clinical psychologist, EFT-certified couples therapist, and author.

I’m a lifelong Massachusetts resident located just outside of Boston- the land of Dunkin, infinite institutes of higher education, and angry drivers. 
  • Practicing as a clinical psychologist for over 10 years
  • Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy, an attachment-based couples therapy that helps couples establish a secure connection.
  • Write a blog on Psychology Today called Love Them or Leave Them all about lessons we can learn from on-screen relationships.
  • Started dating my now-husband in my 20s while in graduate school.
  • Passionate about helping couples create and sustain the happiest relationships possible and normalizing “doing the work” of healthy love.

Kira Sabin

Hey there, I’m Kira.  I’m a healthy dating & relationship educator, & positive psychology practitioner living the dream in America’s Dairyland –  Madison, WI.

  • Been coaching & teaching singles about love for over 16 years.
  • Recording sweary love & dating podcasts since 2011.
  • Obsessed with teaching life & love lessons through TV & movies.
  • Found love at 41, in my hometown of 5000 at my heaviest weight.
  • Believe every single person can get beautiful,  healthy, love & relationship, if they know how to date to get it.
Check me out at reinventingdating.com
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