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Episode 15: Bridgerton Season 3-Part 2

Episode 15: Bridgerton Season 3-Part 2

Secrets coming out, women having great conversations, society finally looking in the mirror, and one man's epic sexual journey. That's right, today we're talking about…

Episode 14: Queen Charlotte

Episode 14: Queen Charlotte

Deformed bunnies, mental health issues, overbearing mother in laws, and so many outfit changes. That's right, today we're talking 2023 hit Queen Charlotte, A Bridgerton…

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Danny Kira's Husband

It's really fucking good babe.
I'm so proud of you.

Apple Podcast Review

It’s like a therapy session and entertainment all in one.

Apple Podcast Review Designation

Kira and Isabelle are so smart when it comes to dating and relationships. I can’t wait for them to revisit all my favorite old movies and share a new perspective.

Apple Podcast Review Designation

Just after one episode I related so much and realized how much my idea of love and dating was shaped by these kinds of movies. It’s both so insightful and fun to listen to.

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